The Day Has Come: YOLO Has Been Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

As well as "gender-fluid," "moobs" and "biatch."

On Monday, Oxford Dictionaries announced a few additions to their internationally renowned Oxford English Dictionary. These new words include "gender-fluid," "moobs," "biatch" and "YOLO." The latter, as you all are probably very aware of, is "you only live once," made popular by Drake and Lil Wayne from Drizzy's 2011 song "The Motto." Jonathan Dent, Senior Assistant Editor of the OED, shares:

"...the acronym YOLO (1996) is traced back to its antecedent, the axiomatic you only live once (first used in a nineteenth-century English translation of Balzac’s French ‘on ne vit qu’un fois’ in his Le Cousin Pons)."

Check out the entire report here, as well as the list of all the new words here.

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