Tupac’s Handwritten “Catchin Feelings” Lyrics Are On Sale For $40K

Only a few days before the 20th anniversary of Pac's death.

Tupac's original handwritten lyrics for "Catchin Feelings" from his posthumous 2002 album Better Dayz are allegedly being sold for $38,500. TMZ are reporting that memorabilia company Moments in Time have the authentic lyric sheet for the track after an employee recovered it from the studio where Tupac recorded his verses way back in 1996.

This isn't the first piece of Tupac memorabilia Moments in Time have attempted to sell: they currently have a handwritten love letter from Tupac to high school drama classmate Beethoven on sale for $35,000, and there's also another letter he wrote to former Death Row Uncut magazine editor Nina Bhadreshwar while serving time behind bars on sexual assault charges that is going for an astounding $225,000. Moments in Time owner Gary Zimet told TMZ that with the 20th anniversary of Tupac's death coming up on September 13, he's expecting die-hard fans or collectors to jump at this important piece of history.

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