Spotify Edges out Apple Music With 10 Million New Subscribers in Less Than 6 Months

“40 is the new 30. Million.”

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek sent out a simple tweet earlier today: "40 is new 30. Million." The hugely successful Swedish entrepreneur was referring to the impressive growth of his streaming service's paid subscribers count, which has leapt from 30 million in March to 40 million this month.

An astounding 33% growth in such a short time proves the industry's continuing shift toward streaming, but it also suggests that Spotify is still ahead of Apple Music. At 17 million subscribers since their June 2015 launch, Apple Music has enjoyed a steady start, but they were obviously aware that Spotify had a seven year start on them.

However, the stats that Ek has revealed prove another interesting point: Spotify is still growing faster than Apple Music. Apple's 17 million user count was confirmed just a couple of months after they announced a 15 million user base in June, and an 11 million subscriber count back in February. While an increase of 6 million subscribers is impressive, it's still growing more slowly than Spotify for the first time since launch. Either way, it seems the battle between streaming giants is only just heating up.

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