Hear Oasis’s New “Angel Child” Demo

An unreleased tune sees the light of day thanks to their 'Be Here Now' reissue.

Even though a reunion doesn't seem to be on the cards anytime soon, Oasis have still been giving fans plenty of new content as of late. Aside from their consistent public feuding, the band are releasing a new documentary called Supersonic, which is slated for release next month, and also reissuing their iconic 1997 album, Be Here Now. Available on October 7 via Big Brother Recordings, fans will be given the option of purchasing a special edition three-CD package including a disc of "B-Sides & Extra Tracks" and the "Mustique Demos." Today, the band have followed up on the release of their "Going Nowhere" demo with another called "Angel Child." Stream the previously unheard track below.

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