Lil Yachty Claps Back at Pete Rock

"What we doin over here not gone stop growing because a old head don't like it"

Picking up where things were left off yesterday when Pete Rock ousted the young Atlanta rapper for his recent, lackluster Hot 97 freestyle. This shouldn't come as much surprise, considering Lil Yachty recently said that he could not name five Tupac or The Notorious B.I.G. songs which frustrated many in the Hip Hop community, including Anderson .Paak.


A video posted by Pete Rock (@agentcbw7) on

Today, Lil Yachty took to Twitter to respond to Pete Rock, reaffirming Young Dolph’s sentiments of “fuck you” to the legendary producer. That tweet towards Pete Rock would be short lived as it was quickly deleted after.

He would then have a change of heart, but also let it be known, OG opinions will not stop him.

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