Catch a Glimpse of Kanye West’s ‘Saint Pablo’ Tour Rider

Frozen Grey Goose lemonade or frozen Hennessy and Coke?

Ever since his lavish tour rider leaked via TMZ last year, it's been common knowledge that Kanye West has a very specific (and suitably expensive) taste. Kim Kardashian-West is currently accompanying her husband on his Saint Pablo tour, and thanks to photos and videos on her Snapchat, it's been confirmed that those opulent demands are still in place. Kim posted a photo of an amazing alcoholic slushie machine backstage filled with frozen Hennessy and Coke on one side, and frozen Grey Goose and lemonade in the other. TMZ are reporting that the Hennessy and Coke combo is for 'Ye, while Kim is all about the Grey Goose and lemonade mix. Kim posted a photo of the machine with the caption "Pablo rider is LIT," so we're guessing that everyone's pretty happy with the arrangement so far. Kim also took to Snapchat to show off special new Pablo merch – check it all out below.

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