Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Recalls “Friendly Argument” With Kanye West

It was over the word "humble."

Bon Iver architect and one-man band Justin Vernon is the subject of a brand new New York Times piece from Jon Pareles. Speaking to Pareles for an extensive profile, Vernon breaks down his obsession with the number 22, the influences behind his forthcoming album 22, A Million, arguing with Kanye West and more. In one particular quote, Vernon speaks about one particularly signifcant "friendly argument" with Yeezy:

I got in a friendly argument with Kanye West about the word humble once. He said, “Have you ever looked up the word humble?” I was like, ‘”Actually I don’t know if I have.” And he showed me the definition of it, and it’s far more self-demeaning, kind of the problematic Midwestern “Sorry!” mentality, than I realized.

I took a lot out of that conversation. Ultimately, I think it’s great to serve others and everything, but I think there’s a certain point where it’s diminishing returns for the people around you if you’re not showing up and being who you are.

For more, check out the entire piece here. Recently, Justin Vernon/Bon Iver announced a massive headlining tour.

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