J Dilla’s Mother to Release a Childrens Book About Her Son’s Life

Save the babies.

J Dilla's mother is keeping her son's legacy alive. Earlier this week, Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey-Smith stopped by Hot 97 to let the world know that she has a new children's book based on her son's life called The Life Story of James Dewitt Yancey. The book will be largely be based Dilla's younger years "inspired by the stories from his mother, family and siblings."

"It was exciting ...that, I got to relive, doing this book," Ma Dukes said during the interview. "Even though I actually lived it, it was wonderful to actually hear it... it kind of shined a light on my life because you don't think of what you do every day."

The book will be available on November 22 with proceeds going directly towards the James Dewitt Yancey Foundation. The book will also be available in several formats including, audio narrated by Ma Dukes. Pre-orders are available here.

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