Frank Ocean’s ‘Blond’ Album Gets Flipped Into Remix EP, ‘Brunett’

Courtesy of Kweku Saunderson, fresh off the OVO co-sign.

Producer Kweku Saunderson, the protege and nephew of Kevin Saunderson (the man who discovered Techno) is apparently a huge Frank Ocean fan. Although the young producer mainly works in the realms of techno & house, he's been experimenting a lot as of late, even catching attention of OVO's Oliver El-Khatib who debuted his "Do Us" record on OVO Sound Radio Episode 29. Today, he's taking the experimentation a step further, using some of his favorite tracks off Frank Ocean's new Blond album and flipping it into a house remix EP he's calling, Brunett. Listen in below and stay tuned for his upcoming remix of "Do US" with Kevin Saunderson in the coming weeks via First One Up.

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