Elohim Steps out of the Shadows For “Hallucinating”

The up-and-coming LA songstress shows off a whole new side.

Elohim's impressive string of singles over the last year have painted her as a introspective, emotional singer-songwriter. From the hazy self-reflection of "Xanax" to the unabashedly romantic "Sensations," each pensive song has embodied a ruminative intensity that was only further emphasized with the release of heartbreaking live acoustic renditions for each.

However, Elohim has surprisingly bucked that trend with "Hallucinating." While the song still carries a tangible lyrical weight, the LA singer-songwriter has set her thoughts against a buoyant backdrop of vibrant synths, bouncy beats, tongue-in-cheek vocal adlibs, whimsical hooks and cheer-squad moments. It's an unexpected change in direction for Elohim, but she pulls it all off with absolute confidence and ease. Hear "Hallucinating" below.

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