Drake’s Dad Squashes Drake & Rihanna Romance Rumors

"There's no relationship, they're just friends."

There's been a lot of speculation about the relationship status between Drake and Rihanna since their appearance together at the 2016 MTV VMAs, and the two being out and about together in public and getting matching shark tattoos has only fuelled the relentless rumor mill even further.

However, it looks like Drake's dad thinks #Aubrih fans need to chill out. TMZ caught Dennis Graham on the street and asked him how he felt about his son's supposed new romance, but he was quick to shut down the rumors. "They're friends, they've been friends for years," he explained. "I don't know about settling down. No, they're friends." Is he trying to keep tabloid speculation at bay, or are Drizzy and Ri Ri just friends? Check out the footage above and decide for yourself.

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