Hundreds Attend Bon Iver “Show” But Were Greeted by a Cassette Player Instead

Some fans weren't pleased.

Recently, Bon Iver put up 11 images featuring different locations on the band's Instagram page and all the pictures showed the same time and date -- 6:30 PM on September 29. Fans who showed up at the locations suspected it to be a live gig, a listening party for their recently released album 22, A Million or even a pop-up shop for merch. Turns out, it was indeed a listening party for the new LP, but to their surprised, played on a small boombox via a cassette. A sign read that only three accompanying newspapers should be taken per person and that when the music stopped, the tape would need to be flipped over to Side B. As you can probably imagine, some fans weren't happy about it. Check out some tweets of the event below.

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Bon Iver just shut down Fitzroy.

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