Apple Just Dropped Headphones That Aren’t Compatible with the iPhone 7

Beats' latest release: "fixed-cable" headphones.

Earlier this month, Apple introduced the iPhone 7. As usual, the product "sold out in just minutes," and absolutely took over the news cycle. One of the item's most notable features was its lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack, which RiFF RAFF even noticed. Now, as Pitchfork notes, Apple's Beats line has just produced a brand new line of headphones that doesn't exactly mix with the new iPhone. Specifically, the brand's new Beats EP collection offers a "hassle-free fixed cable," meaning that the entire range of products won't even work with the new iPhones. However, Beats Electronics president Luke Wood does tell Mashable that the headphones are “exceptional[ly]” well-constructed. You can check out the product at the Apple Store now.

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