Andy Milonakis Dropped a Track Entitled “Suck Me Off To Drake Songs”

"Nothing was the same when she called me Drake."

Andy Milonakis has worked with rappers like Chief Keef and RiFF RAFF and become one of modern hip-hop's most entertaining comedic figures and trolls. Today, Milonakis resurfaces with an interestingly-titled new track, "Suck Me Off To Drake Songs." Breaking down his latest track to Pigeons & Planes, Milonakis says:

"Sometimes your music choice is conducive to getting head... The Weeknd is an obvious choice but I find that's more for traditional sex. If you're talking about the oral variety, the 6 god is perfect. I tried my hand at a few 'serious' melodic songs, but it was missing a big piece of me which is the comedic element."

You can stream "Suck Me Off To Drake Songs" below.

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