Young Thug Doesn’t Really “Care for Sex”

Or water, apparently.

Young Thug continues to create a headline every time he steps up to mic and/or camera. Recently enlisted as a "mentor" for VFILES, the Atlanta eccetntric and his fiancee Jerrika Karlae served as the latest guests for VFILES' TMI interview series. In the clip, Thugger revealed something that most rappers would probably never say aloud: that he doesn't really "care for sex that much." Speaking about his bedroom relationship with his partner, Young Thug explains:

"We wasn't doing it on like, 'No, it's too early to have sex' shit," he said. "We really wasn't. I don't care for sex that much. I never ask to have sex with her, never, ever... Our first time doin' grown stuff, she did it. She pulled me in the room like, 'Come here.'"

You can check out the entire TMI interview above. Recently, Thugger stirred up controversy again with the cover-art for his latest project No, My Name is JEFFERY.

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