Tyler, The Creator Reveals Why He Changed His Twitter Handle

"My stock just went up because of that name change..."

Last week, Tyler, The Creator changed his infamous Twitter handle @f*cktyler to @tylerthecreator, letting fans know that it was the end of an era. Before taking stage at Afropunk Brooklyn over the weekend, Tyler sat down for an interview and the first topic addressed was why he changed his Twitter handle. Tyler shares:

"My stock just went up because of that name change, and only idiots won’t understand that. How can I contact corporations, like 'Yo, invest a bunch of money in me. I have a lot of really good ideas,' and I'm like 'Yo, they don't reply to me.' Oh yeah, my name has this in it. Like, that first impression is automatically out the window […] I just had a bunch of gnarly tweets under that name, so I’m just putting that era to rest."

The Odd Future honcho also talks about his three-to-five-year ban from the UK, which was incited after officials claimed his lyrics were suggesting terrorism, as well as why he thinks that America is going through a downfall. Watch the full interview above.

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