Ty Dolla $ign Reveals His Favorite Punk Band & Los Angeles Rapper

And a very surprising collaboration.

Ty Dolla $ign links up with FADER for the latest installment in their Everything You Need To Know feature-series. Opening up about a variety of topics, the FreeTC crooner shares his thoughts on healthy living, punk music, Mexican marijuana and more. Specifically, Ty Dolla $ign names both his absolute favorite punk rock act and his favorite rapper from his hometown of Los Angeles. Despite being a fan of Black Flag and Rancid, Bad Brains stand out to Ty Dolla $ign as his favorite punk band. When it comes to newer hardcore acts, he's particularly fond of Trash Talk, even going so far as to reveal plans for a collaboration with them. Concerning his favorite Los Angeles rapper, the singer goes with a respectable, almost-expected emcee: Kendrick Lamar. You can check out Everything You Need To Know about Ty Dolla $ign above.

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