Survey Suggests Very Few in Toronto Call Their City “The 6”

They just call it Tronno.

A study of "what it means to be a Toronto resident" was recently conducted. According to The Toronto Star, a random sample of 864 individuals were asked how they referred to the city with the poll options: "The 6," "Toronto," "T.O.," and "Other." Torontonians show that they aren't actually too fond of nicknames, with 75% of them referring it to it's actual name. Only 7%, mostly in the 18-34 age group, refer to the city as "The 6," and "T.O." seems to be the more popular alternaive for a nickname, drawing in 10% of the voters. However, the Presdient of Forum Research Lorne Bozinoff points out that as younger residents age, there might be more people saying "The 6" -- that is, if the term is still relevant in the years to come. Check out the report here.

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