Theophilus London Live Tweets From Jail After Being Arrested in New York City

"I'm so sexy they allowed me to tweet."

Theophilus London was in the Big Apple last night to attend the Sharon Jones documentary premiere at the IFC Center where he found himself caught up in some drama with his cab driver. The whole incident allegedly stemmed from the taxi driver not being able to make change for his $100 bill. “So he tried to keep my hundred while screaming in face, so I gave him 5 mins to make change,” London tweeted. “After I counted down to 1, I took his phone and smashed it into 900 pieces, then I ran into the IFC MOVIE cinema and the cops ran up on me . Haha. Couldn’t buy a movie in time.” He was arrested and was sent to central bookings but managed to live tweet from the jail cell during his stay. “I'm so sexy they allowed me to tweet” London says. Check out all the Tweets below.

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