Steve Aoki Found Not Guilty After Breaking a Fan’s Neck

He jumped from 20 feet above stage and landed on Brittany Hickman’s neck.

Steve Aoki shows are very high-energy if you've ever attended one. A lot of cake throwing, spraying of champagne and crowd diving that begins with Aoki climbing onto speakers, scaffolding and other elevated spots on the stage. Pretty standard, except that one time in 2012, when he landed directly on a fan's neck and broke it. As a result, Brittany Hickman would sue both Steve Aoki and the venue (Hard Rock Cafe) for $10 million dollars. Lawyers for Aoki and Hard Rock Cafe both argued that Hickman should've been aware of the pending stage dive given Aoki's history of doing this at shows. Well, as of this week, Steve Aoki and Hard Rock Cafe have been acquitted of all liability according to Digital Music News. Note to self, protect your neck at Steve Aoki shows at all times.

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