Lil B Worked on Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

"Let’s see what Frank releases. Frank has the material.”

Don't worry, everyone: Frank Ocean's long, long-awaited studio album Boys Don't Cry is at least a real project. Our proof: The word of Lil B. In a new interview with Dazed, Lil B reveals that he has worked on Frank Ocean's much-publicized new project and has nothing but praise for the Channel Orange crooner. "He’s a beautiful man with a beautiful voice. He’s a very strong man, a very strong person," Lil B says of Frank Ocean. Regarding his collaboration with the artist, Lil B calls Frank Ocean "amazing" and tells Dazed:

He called me to come out and do some stuff for his album, Boys Don’t Cry, that’s coming out.

However, in a statement that might worry some fans, Lil B had the following response regarding the LP's release:

If Frank releases. Let’s see what Frank releases. Frank has the material.”

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