Kid Cudi Weighs In On Kanye West’s Tweets About Apple Music and Tidal’s Beef

"This is why the game is f*cked up."

Yesterday, Kanye West sent out a series of tweets pinpointing why he thinks the music game is "f*cked up," blaming competitive music streaming giants for deterring "kids from having the music" and calling for a meeting between Apple Music CEO Tim Cook, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, TIDAL owner JAY Z, Jimmy Iovine and Scooter Braun. Soon after, Kid Cudi also jumped on Twitter, echoing 'Ye's sentiments, declaring, "This is why the game is f*cked up." Cudi expanded on his conclusion with another couple of tweets, calling out "rich guys on a power trip" and accusing them of just wanting to make more money from the music industry. He closed with a simple, direct statement: "The art is lost." See the tweets below.

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