See the Insane Mansion Justin Bieber Landed for His Hawaiian Vacation

The Water Falling estate includes a two-storey water slide, two ATVs, a rooftop helipad, a private chef and more.

Being one of the most talked-about pop stars in the world, touring relentlessly and dominating global charts must be pretty exhausting, so it makes sense that Justin Bieber has taken some time out for a holiday in Hawaii. TMZ have discovered the $6.8 million cliffside mansion that Biebs and his squad will be staying in during his two-week break. Officially called the Water Falling estate, the 10k-a-night property includes a high dive, a basketball and tennis court, ponds, a two-storey water slide, two ATVs, a rooftop helipad and a private chef. Apparently, Bieber has even hired his own helicopter pilot to transport everyone around the island. See more photos of the house at TMZ and footage of the property below.

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