Isaiah Rashad Was Almost Dropped From TDE for Xanax and Alcohol Abuse

Thankfully, Isaiah is back on track now.

After a making a splash in 2015, these new details might explain Isaiah Rashad's complacency in 2016. The TDE rapper has been low-key most of 2016 and in a new interview with the Juan Epstein podcast, the Chattanooga rapper opens up about a severe Xanax and alcohol addiction he's been fighting. Speaking out about it for the first time ever, Rashad explains to the podcast that his addiction got so bad, the his stomach lining was being destroyed from the pills and booze. The addiction almost led to TDE cutting ties with him a number of occasions as well. Thankfully, Rashad is sober these days and things are getting better. Listen to the podcast above and let's all praise him for getting back on track.

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