Grimes Shares “Medieval Warfare” & Reveals “Dead Serious” Plans to Become an MMA Fighter

Will Grimes compete in UFC?

For several days in the recent couple of weeks, Zane Lowe has used his Beats 1 program as a platform to debut new tracks from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. Now, following releases from the pairing of Skrillex and Rick Ross and the trio of Action Bronson, Dan Auerbach and Mark Ronson, we're receiving the Grimes contribution to the film's music. For her entry, Grimes serves up the hard-hitting "Medieval Warfare." Speaking to Zane Lowe about the track, Grimes reveals the record was an "old demo" that she rejuvenated and tweaked to fit the Suicide Squad narrative. Plus, she used the interview as an opportunity to reveal her MMA aspirations, which she tells Zane Lowe are "dead serious." You can check out "Medieval Warfare" and Grimes' interview below.

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