Hear Golden Vessel’s Masterful Mashup of James Blake, Bon Iver & Anohni

"I Need A Drone Bomb" brings one seriously masterful musical trio together.

Golden Vessel is the brainchild of Australia's Max Byrne, a budding young producer with a penchant for dreamy, ultra ambient indie electronic pop soundscapes. At just 18 years of age, the emerging wunderkind has already amassed a solid back catalog, including a string of diverse singles and his most recent release, the Before Sleep EP. The exciting up-and-comer's next effort is a captivating mashup of two tracks from three of the leading figures in alternative music at the moment: James Blake and Bon Iver's "I Need A Forest Fire," and Anohni's "Drone Bombs." Melding the scintillating energy of Blake and Bon Iver's hugely popular collaboration with the harsh reality of Anohni's politically-charged song, "I Need A Drone Bomb" is one of the most interesting combinations to pop up on Soundcloud in a long time. Stream the mashup below.

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