10 Artists Frank Ocean Should Collaborate With

10 Artists Frank Ocean Should Collaborate With

Frank Ocean's album, tentatively titled Boys Don't Cry, is finally dropping tomorrow (if everything goes according to plan). And based on how much hype is surrounding the release, it is safe to claim that thi could be the biggest music happening in all of 2016 . In appropriate Frank Ocean fashion, the singer-songwriter has been as mysterious as ever with the LP and to this day, not much is known about what will be on the project. We don't know what musical direction he's taking, how many tracks there will be or who will be featured or contributing, if at all. Throughout the years Frank has talked about his inspirations and artists he listens to, so might it be clues as to who could be appearing on the album, but we all know he's not the predictable type either. His debut album, channel ORANGE, featured Earl Sweatshirt, John Mayer, Andre 3000 and contributions from Tyler, The Creator, James Fauntleroy, Pharrell and more. Will any of them make a return? We're not sure, but we've listed out ten artists who Frank has never worked with and should either be featured on Boy's Don't Cry.

Tame Impala

Back in 2013, Frank appeared on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 interview where he talks about artists he’s a fan of and would like to work with. He shared that Tyler, The Creator introduced Tame Impala to him and that he’s a fan: “I love Tame Impala, Tyler put me onto them and they're wicked. Their music has a freedom to it." Let’s hope Kevin Parker blesses Frank with some of his stellar production work and/or vocals.

Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller came up out of nowhere in 2015 and dominated the R&B and music worlds with his phenomenal hit, “Don’t.” In some ways, Tiller’s a bit like Frank Ocean — they’ve only dropped one full-length and even though they’re relatively low-key, the hype surrounding them is massive. Bryson has even received an hour-long call from Frank praising his music. Plus, Frank might learn something from Tiller: "Don't play with them, don't be dishonest."


Frank Ocean has been called the D’Angelo of today’s generation. In D’Angelo’s 20-plus year career, he’s only released three albums. Frank Ocean might be following in the R&B legend’s footsteps with his sparse releases and disappearance from media. Let’s hope Frank will not go through the same drug problems that D’Angelo had.


Mndsgn: There are a lot of producers who’d make good beats for Frank Ocean, but we’ve picked Mndsgn purely because we think his song “Camelblues” is a masterpiece and would work perfectly with Frank’s voice. If Frank Ocean is trying to go the mellow route, Mndsgn’s got the sauce.

Corbin (fka Spooky Black)

Corbin is a great singer and artist, and like Mndsgn, we feel that his song “Without You” is something that could pair well with Frank Ocean’s voice and style. It’s a bit darker than Frank’s previous work but if Frank’s trying to go that direction, Spooky Black has what it takes.

Lauryn Hill

During his set at Coachella 2012, Frank Ocean performed a cover of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill cut "Tell Him." The audience was witnessing an emotional overload of soulful brilliance, leaving us to wonder what sonic fruits an actual collaboration between these iconic artists would bring with.


Kehlani's impressive You Should Be Here offering earned her the spot as the youngest woman in this year's Forbes' "30 Under 30" list. Hence, it is only natural to wonder what her chemistry with one of the music world's most talented artists would be/sound like.

Blood Orange

There is no denying of Dev Hynes' musical genius. It takes little to no imagination that a clash of these creative forces would lead to something soulfully exceptional. Pair the emotionality of Frank's voice with the searing and soothing personal character of Blood Orange's latest album, Freetown Sound, and you know, you're in more than just a musical treat.

Toro y Moi

Who would not like to see Chaz Bundick and Frank Ocean cooking up some heat in the studio together? While Bundick's emotive and heartfelt sound would complement Frank's soulful vocal delivery, it is the creative experimentalism which is embraced by both artists that would take this potential collab to the next level. Just take this unfinished record with Tyler, the Creator, called "Hey You," as an example.


Thom Yorke and Frank Ocean on the same song. Enough said.