Chance the Rapper: Celebrities & Athletes Have a “Responsibility” to Shed Light on Injustice

"it is the responsibility of all media outlets to correctly label all killings by 1st responders as what they are: Murders"

Never one to hold his tongue (or, typing fingers), Chance the Rapper took to Twitter today to get a few things off his chest. First, he announced that he would not be at a forthcoming ESPN forum for celebrities and athletes, revealing "misreporting" on the part of media outlets. Second, he sent out the following barrage about recent socio-political occurrences and celebrities' social justice duties:

He also clarified the misunderstanding regarding the ESPN situation tweeting: " have no issues wit ESPN neither one of us seem to know who sent out a press release saying I'd be at that forum." Recently, Chance has also spoke on past drug addictions and offered thoughts on being an independent artist.

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