Birdman Wants to “Fix” & “Heal” His Relationship With His “Son” Lil Wayne

But is Lil Wayne down with it?

The Birdman and Lil Wayne saga continues. Following a wealth of disses from Weezy and some aggression from Birdman, it appears as though Birdman wants the beef to cool down. Sitting in as a guest on ESPN personality Cari Champion's Be Honest podcast, Birdman was open about his ongoing issues with Weezy. Speaking to Cari Champion, Birdman expresses his desire to mend his relationship with Lil Wayne, saying that the rapper is "still" his "son." “I don’t like how a lot of this shit went down, definitely don’t like a lot of sh*t he had said, but at the end of the day I would never in my life say nothing negative about him.” However, with all the legal problems between the pair, Birdman concludes that he “won’t finish the game without Wayne." We'll just have to wait and see once happens when the lawsuits are finally over.

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