If You “Don’t Know Hip Hop History,” Anderson .Paak Says, “Don’t Be Cocky”

"Real artists are students of the game first."

With all the recent press surrounding Lil Yachty's lack of interest and knowledge regarding two of rap's most revered legends, Anderson .Paak is now injecting himself in the conversation. While not explicitly criticizing Lil Yachty or anyone else, Anderson .Paak tells those who aren't too familiar with hip-hop's past to not be arrogant about that stance. "Don't be cocky in the fact that you don't know anything about hip hop history. Real artists are students of the game first," he tweeted over the weekend. You can check out Anderson .Paak's remark below. Recently, the Malibu artist stunned with a "Tiny Desk Concert" for NPR.

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