“Homophobes, Racists, Donald Trump Supporters” & More Are “Not Welcome” at Wavves Shows

"I'd rather have a room half filled with good energy than one filled with hate."

Wavves are taking a pretty firm, aggressive stand when it comes to political and social issues. Taking to Twitter earlier today, Wavves' Nathan Williams posted up a statement those who aren't "welcome" at his acclaimed band's shows. Drawing up a brief list, Williams picks out five groups of people who probably don't want to buy Wavves tickets anytime soon: "#AllLivesMatters" supports, those who "go out of their way" to "defend police," individuals who believe rape victims "had it coming" as a result of the way they dress or intoxication, "white" people who use racial slurs, homophobic people and Donald Trump supporters. You can check out Wavves' full stance below.

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