Taylor Swift’s Best Friend Directs Tweets at North West

"May God forgive you and your wife for doing to others the very things you pray are never done to your daughter."

On top of the various socio-political happenings and/or tragedies around the world and Pokemon Go, the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West ordeal is another piece of news that shook up the web recently. People are taking sides, and the feud doesn't look like it's going to reside anytime soon. Swift's best friend Abigail Anderson took the pop singer's side, taking to Twitter to defend the "Bad Blood" singer. How so? Anderson went after Kanye by directing tweets toward his three-year-old daughter, North West. In the series of now-deleted tweets, Abigail essentially sends "prayers" hoping that North will grow up being able to differentiate herself from a "b*tch," and that what Kanye is doing is simply "art." Check them out below and let us know what you think of them.

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