Watch Rich Chigga Cook an Omelette

A sequel to the Brian Imanuel classic, "how to microwave #bread."

Rich Chigga's "Dat Stick" broke the Internet a few months ago. More recently, a response video to the MV featuring Desiigner, MADEINTYO, Tory Lanez, Ghostface Killah, 21 Savage and more, also shook up the web. 88rising returns with another one of their highly entertaining videos -- this time of Rich Chigga teaching viewers how he cooks an omelette. Obviously this is not a serious instructional video (or is it?), but it's like an entertaining sequel of the Brian Imanuel classic, "how to microwave #bread." Watch it to the end, where Chigga makes the female co-host catch hands just when she was about to negatively critique his culinary creation. Watch the video above and revisit our interview with Rich Chigga here.

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