Raury Receives Inspiration From Skydiving for “NEVERALONE”

Inspired by the thrill of skydiving.

In recent months, Raury has been keeping a relatively low profile. He's appeared on-stage with A$AP Rocky and a new project from Lion Babe, but he's been pretty silent when it comes to original solo efforts. Apparently, a recent skydiving experience has motivated Raury to get back in the booth. Several months after the release of his last major single "Home," Raury returns with "NEVERALONE." Inspired by a particularly-thrilling trip to the sky, Raury breaks down the backstory behind today's drop as such:

I just happen to be born in Atlanta, and had access to music and this happened to me. I’m a musical daredevil. He was born where he was born and he had access to skydiving. The differences between being a musician or being a skydiver…it’s all honestly the same. We’re all people who believe something [and] try to show the world what’s in our head, our dreams.

You can listen to "NEVERALONE" above and watch Raury's own explanation of the single below.

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