Kanye West Cannot Get Sued for Recording Taylor Swift Phone Call

The saga continues.

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian set the online world ablaze by sharing recorded proof of Taylor Swift's approval of Kanye West's infamous "Famous" lyrics. And, despite Taylor Swift's disapproval of the entire ordeal, she won't be able to sue Kanye West or Kim Kardashian for the phone call's revealing. As TMZ and XXL report, California is a "two-party consent state" in which "both participants in any recorded conversation must be notified of the recording." While Swift may have been angered and shocked that her consent to the lyrics were recorded, because of a legal loophole, Kanye West is probably in the clear when it comes to potential lawsuits. TMZ notes that because the conversation happened while the phone was on speaker and Rick Rubin and members of Kanye West's filming crew were present and speaking during the entire phone call, the entire talk can't be labeled as "confidential communication." As a result of that, Taylor Swift and her legal team wouldn't be able to present a lawsuit against Kanye. You can check out TMZ's full breakdown here.

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