Kanye West’s Twitter Was Thought to be Hacked, But it’s Not

'Ye shared the SoundCloud link of an unknown rapper.

A SoundCloud link for relatively unknown rapper Jay Hype was posted on Kanye West's Twitter, and many speculated that his account got hacked. However, after a bit of research, it is confirmed that 'Ye was not hacked. Kanye and Jay Hype actually have history together: in 2014, Yeezy visited an open mic event in New Jersey where he watched Hype, daughter of one of his close family friends, perform. After she had performed in front of Kanye for 15 minutes, he gave her a hug and exited the building. This serves as a reminder that West is still a down-to-earth individual, even though he's probably very busy with his current music and fashion endeavors.

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