It Looks Like Jay Z’s New Album Might Be Complete

"I know the name of Hov’s new album and everything right now."

In a new interview with Rap Radar, producer Jermaine Dupri claims Jay Z's new album "might be done already." This would be Hov's long-awaited followup to 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. The Atlanta-based producer tells the podcast about his friendship with Jay Z, stating “me and Jay have conversations that I’m sure he don’t have with nobody else." Dupri also went on to say when they first met that “we sounded like two people who knew each other.” It's no secret, these two have a longstanding relationship dating back nearly 20 years, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Jermaine Dupri had some insider information about the new Jay Z release:

“I’ve spoken to Hov, even at the Beyonce concert,” Dupri says. “I know the name of Hov’s new album and everything right now.” Dupri continued, “It might be done.” The show's co-host Elliot Wilson, was a bit shocked with the reveal, “whoa, that’s exclusive! Turn the mics off.” Dupri went on to say, “I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m just saying it might be done.”

Expect more details in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned.

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