Gucci Mane & Desiigner Have Some Issues With One of Trap-Rap’s Innovators

This might lead to some problems in the very near future.

It looks like Gucci Mane and Desiigner might have an "enemy" in common. During a Reddit AMA feature to promote his most recent project Lebron Flocka James, Waka Flocka Flame didn't exactly appear to be a fan of the aforementioned pair. Addressing his absence from longtime affiliate Gucci Mane's massive comeback/homecoming "Gucci & Friends" show in Atlanta, Waka Flocka replied to a fan question about the event by stating he's "not a friend" of Guwop's. When asked about his thoughts on Desiigner, Waka slickly replied with a Future shoutout. You can check out the responses and more answers from Waka's AMA here. Judging by the current successes being earned by both artists slammed by Waka, the Flockaveli rapper's opinion might not matter much to them.

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