Frank Ocean Has a Novel in the Works

Hopefully we get the album first.

With his anticipated new album apparently on the way and close to arriving, Frank Ocean commands music's collective gaze right now. Always one to branch out, it looks like Frank Ocean has plans for another major new release on the horizon as well. A particularly-crafty Reddit user has discovered that a JavaScript code on Calvin Klein's official website includes a press statement revealing Frank Ocean's plans for a novel. Via Reddit:

Frank Ocean is one of the most artistic and enigmatic musicians working today. Though it has been more than four years since he released his debut studio album, Channel Orange, interest in Ocean hasn’t waned. Instead, it’s increased.

He is known for being a perfectionist, and a pursuant of creativity in all forms. He resists pressure and follows his own vision. He has published a magazine and worked on a novel while continuing to perfect his highly anticipated second album.

Ocean shuns interviews and social media, and prefers instead to speak through his work. He has said that when it comes to understanding music, the most important thing is to just press play.

Ocean is a powerful storyteller, using his own openness and honesty to create an emotionally intimate world in each of his songs. With his craft, his aim is not money, power, or fame, but to grow, progress, evolve and eventually be the absolute be

So while he continues to work on that, we’ll continue to wait, as long as it takes, because when Frank Ocean does something, he does it right. The wait will be worth it.

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