Ebro Darden Gets at Lil Yachty Over “For Hot 97,” Yachty Fires Back

"Get your bars up. I ain't here to be your friend."

Back in June, Hot 97's Ebro Darden hinted at skepticism towards Lil Yachty's rap skills during the emerging rapper's appearance on Ebro in the Morning back in June, and now their feud has come to a head in Wednesday morning's broadcast. Ebro brought up "For Hot 97," one of the tracks on Yachty's mixtape Summer Songs 2 that the rapper labelled as an attempt to prove to the Hot 97 crew that he really could spit bars. However, Ebro seemed to take it as a personal diss thrown his way, declaring that "another high school ass rapper is offended" and telling Yachty to "get his bars up" because he "ain't here to be his friend." The feud soon shifted over to Twitter, where Ebro and Yachty attempted to explain their positions and the original intent of the song. Later, Yachty called into Hot 97 in an attempt to defend himself and explain what he was aiming to achieve with "For Hot 97." See the tweets and stream the full radio show below – the crew begin discussing "For Hot 97" around the 24-minute mark.

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