Desiigner Reveals & Explains Who Timmy Turner Is

It's not 'The fairly OddParents' protagonist.

Last Thursday, Desiigner released his highly anticipated "Tiimmy Turner" track in full. In a new interview, the Brooklyn rapper reveals and explains who exactly TImmy Turner is. Turns out, it's not The Fairly OddParents' protagonist. He explains:

“Timmy Turner is me. I was referring to myself when I was saying I ‘was wishin’ for a burner.' And when I said ‘she f*ckin’ for BET,’ I was referring to a girl that, you know, would do anything for the fame,” Desiigner explained in the filmed interview. “Then I would say in the song that I know that my soul’s in the furnace; because if I know that I wish for the burner, and she knows that she would do anything for the fame, you know you go to hell.”

The "Panda" mastermind continued to talk about the track, how he met "Tiimmy Turner" producer Mike Dean, and what he wants for the future. Watch the interview above.

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