This Is How Desiigner’s Cartoon Cover for “Timmy Turner” Came Together

Proof of the power of the internet.

Desiigner took to Instagram yesterday to share his 'The Fairly OddParents'-inspired artwork for "Timmy Turner," and now the story of how it all came together is starting to take shape. There is a watermark in the top-right corner of the cover that reads KIDNERD, and according to Complex, this is the moniker for artist Jefte Castillo, a New York native and Fashion Institute of Technology student who used the power of the internet to get the self-project to Desiigner. Castillo revealed to Complex:

“It was a self-project that I sent it to him via Twitter and his Instagram account, but I was not hoping for him to even see it because he has a lot of followers. A lot of people just kept re-posting and re-posting. A lot of people kept tagging him on my page and then I sent it out to one of my cousins, Giran Ceballos, and said, ‘Listen, maybe see if he would respond to you, but I highly doubt that he will,’ but he direct messaged him as well with the art cover and a few hours later [Desiigner] posted it.”

Castillo also explained that he is a fan of Desiigner and hip-hop in general, citing the rising rapper's freestyle as the central inspiration:

“I was listening to the freestyle video that he posted on his Facebook page and I enjoy the beat because I'm a big beat fan. I was like, let me try to make a concept of his actual song and try to create a humorous artwork that relates to the ‘Timmy Turner’ freestyle."

Desiigner has yet to reach out to Castillo, but the developing artist had a very humbled message of thanks to offer:

“I just want to say thank you to Desiigner for the recognition and for supporting the single cover artwork. I sincerely appreciate that.”

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