The HYPETRAK City Guide to Atlanta With Kelechi

The HYPETRAK City Guide to Atlanta With Kelechi

For our new City Guide series, we're teaming up with artists to explore their hometowns and their relation to it. In our first installment, buzzing rapper Kelechi is showing us around Atlanta by taking us his favorite go-to spots. If you ever find yourself on your way to "The A," looking to soak in some of the city's best offerings, look no further - Kelechi is showing us where to grub, socialize and even record some tracks if you're looking to spew some bars. And since we're talking music, Kelechi's new album with Green Label Sound has been ringing bells in the streets. Listen Before The Quarter here if you haven't already and check him out this summer when he co-headlines The Dew Tour with Action Bronson.



403 Moreland Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
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Cook-Out is a fast food, privately owned restaurant chain mainly found in the south and midwest cities. They have over 140 locations and serve a wide variety of menu items including hamburgers, chicken, BBQ, hot dogs, and milkshakes.

"Cook Out’s the after turn up spot. It’s open 24/7and pretty has everything you shouldn’t eat for $4.99. Extra dollar for a shake. It’s lit. You’re probably more like to find us here after a function than Waffle House. Waffle House is classic, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you want a burger, a quesadilla chicken nuggets, and a cheese cake milk shake at 3:30 AM, and Waffle House can’t do that for me."-Kelechi



410 14th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 748-1379
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House of Hookah is Atlanta’s go-to Hookah bar if you're looking for some good hip-hop tunes while you vibe out. The layout is more set up for group social gatherings and rumor has it you may even see Shaquille O’Neal who's a frequent visitor to this spot.

"It’s not the healthiest thing, but I really like the communal aspect of smoking hookah with squad. We come here all the time, sometimes not even to smoke. STNDRD usually meets here, we talk, hang and plot moves here. The atmosphere’s just cool. Hookah’s a habit I got from Phay. He’s Arab, so it’s something he got me hip to before the kinda big surge of hookah bars and lounges. I’m not a hookah snob, but I do like the fact that House of Hookah is an Arab owned business and we’re not supporting someone just mooching off someone else’s culture. Also, Shaq comes through here a lot. The TNT studio that he works at for the NBA is like across the street. So we cross paths at House of Hookah a lot. We’re kinda homies now. He's on my next album."-Kelechi



Undiclosed Location
Decatur, GA

This undisclosed location in Decatur, GA is where Kelechi and members of his STNDRD Music collective break bread. This is where ideas are born, conceptualized, mixed, mastered and delivered to your speakers.

"This is the trap. All the stuff, everything on Before the Quarter was at least conceptualized here. Even if parts were recorded or mixed elsewhere. It’s a special spot. We may not even record sometime. Watch TV, just talk and vibe with squad. Phay beats Ukan at 2K a lot. This is home base."-Kelechi



Between Five Points and Old Fourth Ward in Downtown Atlanta.
Atlanta, GA
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Edgewood Avenue is a has become the hub within Atlanta for artisanal food spots, bars and shopping. If you're looking for cool things to eat and do in Atlanta, this is your spot.

"Edgewood is a strip of bars/shops downtown right off Georgia State’s campus in the historic district of the city. It’s literally one block from where Martin Luther King Jr’s childhood home was. It’s dope though, the vibe’s cool. In the day, there’s dope brunch spots a Jamaican joint I eat at too often, and I stop by this lifestyle brand store GOD IS DOPE. There just generally something going on there all the time. Nights are cool because I’m not a fan of clubs but there’s cool spots to hang and grab drinks and milly rock on every block."-Kelechi

Keep up to date with all things Kelechi by visiting his site here. His new album, Before The Quarter out now on iTunes.