50 Cent Quizzes the Club About Diddy: “Name His Last F*cking Single”

"Google this sh*t, man."

Staying true to his reputation as one of the game's greatest trolls, 50 Cent used a recent show as an opportunity to fire shots in Diddy's direction. Performing at a club in Arizona, 50 Cent quizzed the audience: Name his last f*cking single....The last single off his last album. Do anybody in here know what the last f*ckin single was? The DJ don’t know. Google this sh*t, man.” As XXL notes, the rift between 50 Cent and Diddy is well-documented, with the Queens legend using social media to take several shots at Diddy in recent months. You can check out footage of aforementioned 50 Cent footage below. Yesterday, 50 Cent exercised his comedic chops for a Conan skit.

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