Wiz Khalifa Says Popcaan Gave Drake a “Handjob” for “One Dance” Drop

Culture Clash.

Over the weekend, Popcaan made a huge impact during his portion of the recent Red Bull Culture Clash event in London. Most notably, Popcaan dominated headlines for using the posse battle as a way to debut a new version of Drake's insanely-popular Views single "One Dance." Now, video has surfaced of Wiz Khalifa's blunt, onstage response to Popcaan's Culture Clash performance. Accompanied by Joey Bada$$ and members of his Taylor Gang Crew, Wiz Khalifa sounded off on Popcaan and his use of the unreleased version of "One Dance." ""Hey Pop Tart, I know you gave Drake a handjob for that drop," exclaimed Wiz. Continuing, Wiz had this to say:

"That was a drop, that wasn't a dub. I could play his [Drake's] album too, motherf*cker. He gave me a drop too, motherf*cker. We playin' dubs tonight...I'm supposed to be American, I'm not supposed to know what real dubs is, right? But why the f*ck Taylor Gang got all the illest dubs?"

Later, Wiz would take to Twitter to share the following:

Considering the competitive nature of events like this, Popcaan probably isn't taking Wiz's words to heart, but it definitely shows Wiz is down to go head-to-head in settings most superstars wouldn't step foot in.

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