Watch Snoop Dogg Narrate Highlights From the 1954 NBA Finals

“The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball.”

The 1954 NBA Finals looked a lot different from the pro basketball we watch today, and Snoop Dogg took to a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live to narrate the amusing black-and-white footage. "The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball" sees Snoop commentating a game in which The Minneapolis Lakers beat the Syracuse Nationals in a seven-game series to win their third straight title, and he doesn't hold back on their interesting technique (throwing Granny style from the free-throw line). Here's a golden highlight:

"This is before black men were able to play basketball. As you see, there’s no jumping, no dunking, no heroics. This is just basic basketball. 1954? That’s probably before black people had TVs, so we wasn’t tripping."

Watch Snoop's "Hizzistory of Bizzasketball" above.

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