M.I.A. Reveals Every Song on Her New Album for “Poc That Still A Ryda”

M.I.A. has a brand new track out.

Last month, M.I.A. revealed plans for her next major studio album. Now, she's back with a brand new record entitled "Poc That Still A Ryda." More of an "official remix" or "album preview mix" than an actual single, "Poc That Still A Ryda is a blend of snippets from every song set to be featured on M.I.A.'s next LP. Explaining today's effort, M.I.A. coupled the piece's YouTube clip with the following statement:

This song is a mix of all the songs on my upcoming Lp - had to do a remix to let u know , i been poor , i been rich , i been brown , i been black , i seen white and i been around the world a few times ay ay ay ay . LOVE IS THE ANSWER what the question is i don't f*cking know.
we in this together.

You can check out M.I.A.'s latest above.

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