In the Greatest Act of Based Forgiveness, Lil B Lifts the Curse on D’Angelo Russell

Be thankful for the Based God's love.

If this isn't a Based miracle of sorts, then nothing is. In what can only be considered one of the greatest acts of Based Forgiveness to ever occur, Lil B has once again allowed positivity, peace and love to prevail. After revealing that the Based God's Curse had been placed on D'Angelo Russell during a SportsNation interview yesterday, Lil B has decided to swiftly remove the curse from D'Angelo Russell's being. Taking to Twitter, the two had the following exchange:

Because of Lil B's empathy and forgiveness, let's hope D'Angelo Russell wakes up thanking the Based God every day for this blessing. First Lil B found Frank Ocean, now he pulls this; it's been a great week for the Based.

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