Lil B Has Just Cursed D’Angelo Russell

Breaking news from Based World.

This news might absolutely wreck the Lakers. In a roundtable discussion with ESPN's SportsNation, Lil B has revealed that the infamous, life-ruining Based Curse is hanging over the head of Lakers' D'Angelo Russell. "He is officially cursed," he proclaimed to the SportsNation crew earlier today. When pressed about just how much more "cursed" he could get compared to now, Lil B responded with, "a lot," further dooming Russell. For the True Based who recall, Lil B has allowed for similar curses to James Harden and Kevin Durant, and the results were never good. You can check out a brief clip of Lil B's SportsNation exchange below. On a more positive note, Lil B has also used his Based powers for good recently.

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