Hear Liana Bank$’ Slinky New Single “Off”

Another electro-R&B hit from the former Chris Brown backing dancer.

Last time we heard from Liana Bank$, she was teaming up with Mura Masa for her killer single "Leave Me Alone" just a few weeks ago. Now, the Queens singer-songwriter has stepped it up another notch with her new Yobo-produced electro-RnB banger "Off." As revealed to Idolator, Bank$ uses the track to lament the dangers of consumerism:

“I’ve always found it alluring, the way we buy clothes to please the eye, and the eye in turn only wishes to remove them."

Although it doesn't have a concrete release date just yet, we'll be keeping an eye out for Bank$' debut mixtape Subordinate. Stream "Off" below.

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